Global LED lighting industry development trend


In the development process of the LED lighting industry gradually replacing the traditional lighting, the product is also in constant technological innovation.  In the future, the global LED lighting market will develop towards intelligent lighting and healthy lighting.  

1. Smart lighting  

Since the lighting industry entered the era of LED lighting, it has experienced the stages of "outdoor heat", "indoor heat", "filament lamp heat" and so on. At present, "intelligent heat" is as hot as tea.  With the wide application of new generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things, the next generation Internet and cloud computing, intelligent lighting has become an inevitable trend.  Intelligent lighting does not exist as a single ordinary lighting product. The intelligent idea of lighting should be a system solution composed of lamps, sensors, communication devices and control system hardware and software, which can become a smart home and even a smart city -- some of which exist in human activities.  

Smart lighting

2. Healthy lighting  

 Modern scientific study of light has long made people realize that light is more than illumination.  In addition to visual functions, light and light environment play an important role in human physiology, psychology and health.  With more and more in-depth control of LED luminescence mechanism and digital control technology, spectral level control of LED lighting products has become possible.  For different lighting applications, the use of light with appropriate spectral energy distribution, so as to meet the users in the physiological, psychological, emotional, health aspects of the multi-dimensional needs, will be an important driving force for the development of LED lighting technology can not be ignored. 

Healthy lighting