High Mast Lightings


On April 25, the first home game of the new Chinese Super League season will be played by Qingdao Manatees in Qingdao Youth Football Stadium, the first 50,000-seat football stadium in Shandong province. Qingdao, A world-class stadium for FIFA Class A competitions, will make its debut in the Chinese Super League when it is completed in April 2023. 

The scale of the project is huge and the facilities are hardcore. As a new landmark of Qingdao, the project's oversized floodlight curtain wall, with world-class "appearance level", continues to light up the night of the city. The lighting project is composed of 3,300 meters of facade guror lights, 13,000 meters of grille wall washing lights, 18 groups of high-pole lighting lights and projection lights. The west facade of the football field uses 110,000 new lighting decorative LED lights point source cloth into two large lattice screens, which can emit different lighting effects to achieve full-color effects such as colorful gradient, jump, scanning and water flow. It can also replace a certain size of the display screen through the array and modeling combination of multiple point light source pixels, changing a variety of patterns, text and animation, video effects.