What is the color rendering index?


Color rendering index refers to the color characteristics of the light source when compared with the reference standard light source. 
Simply put, this property refers to the degree to which the light source reproduces the true color, that is, the degree to which the light restores the color. The better the color rendering of the light, the more realistic the color rendering! 
The International Commission on Illumination defines the range of general color rendering index Ra as 1-100, and sets the color rendering index of the sun as 100. That is to say, the original color of an object is the color presented by the object under the sun, and the color rendering index of the light source used in daily life is generally above 80. 

Some high-quality lamps can reach 95 color rendering index, very close to the sun's color rendering performance. Figure 1 shows that under the irradiation of light source with two color rendering indexes of Ra95 and Ra80, the color reduction degree of Ra95 will be higher, which highly restores the color of vegetables!