Street Lighting and Car Accidents


Street lighting plays a critical role in helping prevent car accidents, even if it’s something most drivers don’t usually think about. Without adequate lighting, it’s much more difficult for drivers to see potential hazards on the road, road signs, other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Additionally, bad lighting can exacerbate certain driving hazards. Streetlights are required to be placed in a way that’s beneficial instead of harmful.

Importance of Street Lights

Do street lights reduce accidents? Absolutely. As any driver can imagine, streetlights are extremely important in preventing car accidents. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Streetlights make potential hazards more visible — If a driver can’t see a potential hazard in the road or see it without sufficient time to take SPD preventative steps, it’s much harder to avoid an accident. For example, IP66 led light animals Nema Socket in the road, stalled vehicles on the side of the road, and loose objects in the road are all causes of car accidents when drivers can’t see them coming to avoid them. These dangers are more apparent when illuminated by street lights at night.

  • Streetlights help keep pedestrians and cyclists safe — Even when cyclists wear reflective gear and cross at sidewalks, they can be hard to see in the dark. If there’s no nearby streetlight to illuminate them, the risk of an accident increases even further. These dangers are heightened even more for pedestrians, asphotocell they have a smaller visual profile than cyclists and can be harder to see if they’re wearing dark clothing. When the street lights go on, motorists can more easily spot vulnerable road users like pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Streetlights help drivers navigate the roads safely — Speed limit signs, stop and yield signs, warnings about sharp curves, and other road signs provide crucial information to drivers, especially at night. But if a driver can’t see a speed limit sign due to a lack of proper lighting, they may not know to slow down or that a sharp curve is coming, which can result in an accident.
  • Streetlights help drivers see each other — In the dead of night, it can be a challenge for drivers to see other vehicles around them, even when other cars have their headlights on. Lane changes, lane merges, and turns are especially dangerous in situations where drivers have low visibility. Streetlights can minimize the chances of an accident occurring by making it easier for drivers to see other vehicles around them.