The advantages of high pole lighting


High bar lamp manufacturers in the production of high bar lamp lighting can be generally divided into lifting type and non lifting type. 

Lifting type main rod height is generally above 18 meters, electric lifting operation is convenient, lamp tray to the working position, can automatically take off the disc automatically, hanging groove, wire rope unloading and.

High pole lamp lighting advantages: lifting type high pole lamp set manual and electric two kinds of lifting control, so that the lamp disc can safely and reliably down to 2.5 meters from the ground, convenient maintenance work. 

Manual remote control device lead out of the length of 10 meters, the operator in 5 meters remote control lamp plate lifting, so as to ensure the safety of the operator. 

The lift-pole lamp is also equipped with a spare cable. 

When the lamp tray is lowered to its lowest position, one end of the cable is inserted into the socket of the electrical control system and the other end is inserted into the junction box on the lamp tray, so that the lamp tray can be directly supplied with electricity and the lamp can be serviced.

The advantages of high pole lamp lighting: the sealing grade of all lamps and lanterns of the lifting type high pole lamp is IP65 international standard, in order to prevent dust and rain immersion, and ensure the service life of the bulb. 

The material of lamps and lanterns generally uses good corrosion resistance aluminum alloy plate and non - embroidered steel.