How to install street lamps in the community?


Ordinary residential installation of which kind of solar light is good, is the installation of solar street light is good solar garden light, a few meters of how many watts is appropriate, the price is cheap?

With the opening of the two-child policy, real estate projects are bound to warm up, and lighting facilities in various communities will also become a selling point.

Recently, many customers in different areas have consulted what kind of solar street lamps are better installed in residential areas. Today, jinchuan Lighting co., LTD., a manufacturer of solar high pole lamps, will give you a talk about this problem.

Street lamps installed in residential areas also play a decorative role in addition to lighting, so we can consider installing solar garden lights, and manufacturers can also customize according to the architectural style of residential areas. So what kind of garden light is good? Generally, the one with 4 meters, 15 watts, 20 watts and 6-8 hours of light is more popular. Of course, this can also be customized according to customer requirements.

If you install solar street lights, you can determine a few meters of lamp posts according to the road of the district, and whether it is single-side installation or double-side installation, and determine lamp power according to the requirements of brightness.

There is also the installation of hoop solar street lamps, which is more common in the old and small areas. Take the previous municipal circuit lamp pole as the solar road lamp pole, fix the LED lamp holder, panel, battery and so on with a hoop. The lighting is the same as the whole set, but the price is lower.

What kind of solar street lamp is good to install in the specific community, we can consider it according to our own situation.