How is the street light IP66 Zhaga-D4i Certification obtained


How is the street light IP66 Zhaga-D4i Certification obtained?

The first step to obtaining the led street light IP66 Zhaga-D4i luminaires certification is ,first of all,to obtain the IP66 Zhaga-D4i certification from a third-party certifying institution enabled“testing Lab”(DEKPA,Intertek,TUV,VDE or ITE predom),which will verify the correspondence of the luminaires in compliance with book 18.Subsequently,the consortium will verify the certification obtained and publish the certification on the official website.

How is the Zhaga-D4i Certification born?

The led street light IP66 Zhaga Consortium has partnered with the DALI Alliance in order to produce an important cetification the IP66 Zhaga-D4i Luminaire,which presents a new standardization value for the world of connected smart lighting.The IP66 Zhaga-D4i Luminaire certification combines the technical specifications of the Book 18 Zhaga version with the D4i specifications connected to the DALI interface.The IP66 Zhaga-D41 Luminaire certification translates into a set of well-defined technical specifications.concerning mechanical and electrical characteristics to ensure the interchangeability of components of lighting fixures from different manufacturers and therefore,without any brand restrictions.

Who established the Zhaga-D4i Certification?

The street light IP66 Zhaga is an international consortium that aims to standardize the specifications of interfaces between LED luminaires and communication nodes.The purpose is to allow interchangeability between the products of different manufacturers.DALI Aliiance(DiiA) is the global industry organization for DALI,the internationally standardized protocol for digital communication between control devices.

 But what is the Zhaga-D4i Luminaire Certification?

The Led street light IP66 Zhaga-D4i is a joint certification program between Zhaga and the DALI Alliance(DiiA).